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: Sep 4th 2008 | : 3033 | : maher

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Info :

House of Saddam is a 2008 drama that charts the rise and fall of Saddam Hussein. A co-production between BBC Television and HBO films, the series was first broadcast on BBC Two (in the United Kingdom) in four parts between 30th July and 20th August 2008.

A pre-title sequence shows Saddam watching the broadcast of U.S. President Bush’s March 2003 final ultimatum. As the bombing of Baghdad commences, Saddam’s family quickly pack and flee the presidential palace.

1979: Summer sees Deputy President Saddam Hussein gather his inner circle for his daughter Hala’s 7th birthday party. Amongst the group are Ba'athist Party members.

Saddam, fearing the increasing power of Khomeini in Iran and a proposed union with Syria, instigates the overthrow of President al-Bakr. The newly-appointed President Saddam Hussein orders his half-brother Barzan to initiate a bloody purge of the Ba'ath Party leadership. Saddam himself executes his closest friend and ally Adnan Hamdani as a show of strength. The Islamic Dawa Party rock Baghdad with a series of terrorist attacks while Saddam is on a hunting trip in Tikrit with his wife Sajida Talfah and son Uday.

Saddam attempts to maintain good relations with the U.S. as he takes his country into the Iran–Iraq War, whilst beginning an affair with married school teacher Samira Shahbandar. He also orders the execution of two top Iraqi generals after a military defeat at Al-Muhammarah and begins to turn against Barzan following the death of their mother, putting the arranged marriage of Saddam's daughter, Raghad, with Barzan's son, Mohammed, in jeopardy. After Saddam narrowly survives an assassination attempt in the Dawa stronghold of Dujail, Barzan fears for his own life and razes the city in retribution. Despite his pleas with Saddam not to dishonour him, Barzan is exiled and Saddam marries Raghad to Hussein Kamel instead, to form an alliance with his late father's al-Majid clan. Hussein Kamel takes over Barzan's post and becomes Saddam's new Iraqi Special Republican Guard leader.

: 1.33

Comments :

Sep 7th 2008, by manyas
very intersting..........

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