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: Sep 4th 2008 | : 2681 | : maher

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1988: Lt General Hussein Kamel witnesses (via CCTV) Uday losing control in a Baghdad nightclub in 1988. His behaviour includes brandishing a gun under the influence of alcohol and firing it recklessly, before ordering the clubbers to be happy as they have 'just won the war'.

Saddam commissions Mohammed Ghani to construct the Hands of Victory in celebration of his declared victory over Iran but post-war Iraq faces bankruptcy as Kuwait drives down the price of oil by increasing production. Sajida learns that Saddam has married Samira as a second wife and blames his trusted valet Kamel Hana Gegeo for assisting their affair. Uday also blames Kamel Hana and almost kills him for the sake of his mother's honour, sparing him only so that he can control him when he takes over from his father as President.

Meanwhile, Hussein Kamel, spotting an opportunity to rise within Saddam's inner circle, begins to sow mistrust between Saddam and his popular brother-in-law, General Adnan when Adnan requests Saddam to let his soldiers come home. Tariq Aziz, at an OPEC meeting in Geneva, reveals that Kuwait has been slant drilling into Iraqi oil fields and orders them to cease and apologize.

Not long after drunkenly sharing his concerns with brother Qusay that any children Saddam has with new wife Samira could jeopardise his status as rightful heir, Uday confronts Kamel Hana again at a late night party and beats him to death to the horror of witnesses. Saddam has him arrested and almost kills his first-born son in his cell. Adnan calls into question the ability of Uday to lead Iraq when his time comes, but is not supported by Hussein Kamel, who continues to gain Saddam's trust. Not long after, Adnan is killed in a suspicious helicopter explosion.

Sajida confronts Saddam about the death of her brother but he dismisses her with claims that it was merely an accident. Saddam meets with the U.S. Ambassador April Glaspie and takes her statement of "No Opinion" as giving him to go ahead for the invasion of Kuwait but U.S. President Bush immediately decries the action and organises a coalition to drive out Iraqi forces. Saddam refuses to back down and is forced to move between safe-houses as the Gulf War commences with the bombing of Baghdad. The Iraqi army is quickly forced into retreat but the Americans declare a ceasefire and withdraw to the border leaving Saddam defiant.

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