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: Sep 4th 2008 | : 2728 | : maher

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1995: Iraq has survived the Gulf War but is crippled economically, with the UN refusing to lift sanctions unless the government co-operate with their weapons inspectors. Saddam states he has nothing to hide resulting in a stand-off between him and chief UN inspector, Rolf Ekeus.

Despite this, Saddam shows more concern in tracing his roots. He ignores Qusay, who tries to warn him about Uday's erratic behaviour. Instead, he presents their family tree and the "proof" that they are direct descendants of the prophet Muhammad. Qusay is clearly worried about his father's state of mind but quietly leaves him to his devices. Later, Saddam has the Qur'an written in his own blood.

The rivalry between General Hussein Kamel and Uday swiftly goes out of control, as the erractic son of the president humiliates Hussein Kamel by pelting him with food at a dinner with Saddam's closest allies. The frustrated General states his disillusionment with Saddam's regime that allows the spoilt Uday to run wild, unable to be reined in by anyone. His patience ends when Uday hijacks a shipment of medical supplies that he was intending to sell with his brother Saddam Kamel. Hussein Kamel tells his brother about his plan to oust Saddam by co-operating with UN inspector Ekeus as well as the CIA, whom Hussein Kamel hopes will topple Saddam and allow him to become the new president.

During a holiday celebrating Iraq's "victory" over Iran, Hussein and Saddam Kamel make the trip over the border to Jordan taking their wives - Saddam Hussein's daughters, Raghad and Rana - who warn their husbands of what their father would do if he ever caught them. At the holiday party, Uday indulges his appetite by raping a waitress. Qusay realises that something is wrong when his sisters fail to appear and warns his father. In Jordan, King Hussein grants the self-exiled group asylum just as Saddam declares them traitors in Iraq. Hussein Kamel plans to oust Saddam with Western co-operation and to ingratiate himself with the West by revealing state secrets. His plans are undermined when Saddam decides to reveal all the information himself. The Kamel brothers are increasingly isolated in Jordan and begin to lose the support of the King and their CIA contacts. Saddam phones Hussein Kamel and offers him and his brother a pardon if they return with their wives to Iraq. Believing he will be forgiven, and disturbed by his increasing loss of social status, Hussein Kamel persuades the others to return.

Hussein and Saddam Kamel are met by Uday and Qusay, who humiliate them by forcing them to divorce their wives and stripping them of their Iraqi uniforms. However they allow them to return to their family home. Saddam Hussein then tells Ali Hassan al-Majid that the honour of the al-Majid clan will be tainted as long as the pair are unpunished. Ali surrounds the brothers' house with troops and offers the brothers weapons so that they can die fighting. In a pitched battle Hussein and Saddam Kamel are killed.

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Aug 18th 2009, by NOSA

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