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: Sep 4th 2008 | : 6518 | : maher

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2003: Saddam and Tariq Aziz watch television reports of the Western coalition forces invasion of Iraq. Qusay organises the withdrawal of large sums of cash from Iraq's central bank and the family part as Saddam is overthrown from power. As American troops begin a widescale hunt for the former Iraqi president, his family and henchmen, Saddam flees to rural Tikrit where he is forced to go to ground. He phones Samira from a call box and tells her to leave for Lebanon, but that he will not join her. With a few loyal bodyguards Saddam hides out in a rustic building. He makes friends with Ahmed, a lively local boy who initially does not know who he is. He insists that the Iraqi people should continue to resist, and broadcasts his messages from his hideout. His first wife Sajida and family anxiously watch events unfold on television.

Uday and Qusay, a bodyguard, and Qusay's son Mustapha take refuge at a house in Mosul. Uday wishes to flee across the border, but Qusay treats this suggestion with contempt. Saddam is informed that there is a reward for his family's bertrayal, but Saddam insists that Iraqi honour is above bribery. The owner of the house in which Uday and Qusay are hiding resents their presence and betrays them to the Americans, who surround the building. Qusay gives his son a gun and they fight the coalition forces until a rocket attack kills them. Sajida is seen watching in despair the TV report of her sons' deaths.

Saddam is informed of the deaths and makes a secret visit to Uday, Qusay's and Mustapha's graves, laying Iraqi flags on them. He continues to attempt to rally the Iraqi people against the occupying forces, saying that his sons and grandson are heroes of jihad. His bodyguards build a tunnel in which to hide him. One guard is finally captured when he visits his girlfriend. When he fails to return Saddam decides to move on, but young Ahmed warns him that American patrols are everywhere. He offers to hide Saddam, but the president refuses to involve him. In Operation Red Dawn Saddam is captured and taken into custody.

Saddam is subsequently placed on trial for crimes against humanity and in 2006 is sentenced to death by hanging for the killing of 148 Shiites from Dujail, an act committed in retaliation for the assassination attempt of 8 July 1982

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May 29th 2009, by belda

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