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jazeera _docu

: Jul 23rd 2008 | : 4652 | : maher

Info :

This new launch comes six weeks after the successful launch of Al Jazeera English in the 15th November 2006. Al Jazeera Network has announced that it will launch its Documentary Channel on Monday 1 January 2007 at 3.00 pm Doha time / 12:00 pm GMT from its headquarters in Doha.

The new 24-hour Channel aims to become a leader in its field; Al Jazeera Documentary will pay particular attention to the Middle East with a special focus on the cultural diversity of its societies.

Al Jazeera Documentary aims to examine social, historical and entertainment issues. Although the channel says its media coverage will focus on the cases of Arabs and the less-fortunate societies, it will not confront Arab governments.

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Comments :

Aug 9th 2008, by titanic_s_2008
so good

Oct 26th 2009, by farid66
very good

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